It does already more than 40 years, that our founder, Manuela Mena, decided to give  physical form to that feeling that was going inside. Bailaora from her infancy, grew loving the Flamenco… always she dedicated  all the available time that had to support live in her) this rooting to her land and to the Flamenco.
She was born in Seville, and her humble family  supported from always in her great vocation the Fleming. She was a pupil of the best teachers that Seville has given, and dance partner of big artists of her epoch.
After a few years she penetrated limits, turning into Teacher of Dance, and Maestra, and like that, managed to transmit other girls who were beginning in this world that one that for her was her sense of life and her own way of dealing the Flamenco.
It is there when the own need to choose own wardrobes according to Palos of dance or choreographies, forced her, to turning into designer of the suit for the flamenco dancing … and it(he,she) began a new gait. Soon, other academies of dances, and professionals of the Flemish(Andalusian gipsy) world, started entrusting him(her) dresses(clothes) for them, and this way, helped always with his(her,your) daughters, it(he,she) began a new dream: " Pure Cinnamon "
Pure cinnamon has managed to place inside the sector of the Flemish(Andalusian gipsy) mode as one of the most consolidated and strong companies of the Fleming. So much for specializing suits of the dance, as suits for fairs and walk. It(he,she) has managed to come to a high and select level of quality.
Our clients can find in each of our articles those needs that are necessary, so much for his(her,your) spectacles, since(as) for tests(essays), and as not, to illuminate for fairs our so traditional garment.
We will follow(continue) with determination(pledge) the whole equipment(team) that there is behind this made feeling company all our clients not to be upset with it … and we expect to have always the support that till now they us have demonstrated in each of our collections.
In name of our founder, Manuela Mena, graces(thanks) of any heart to each and every of our followers …


Thank you …


Thank you for keeping on trusting our team of Canela Pura.

Alive History

Our history generation alter generation.